How it all Started?

When our founding team got together for the first EcoExperience general meeting, they knew there was something to be done. For years, they had seen how undervalued tourism was in Colombia. No matter the social and economic improvements, getting people to travel and visit this South American country was still a colossal task.

After traveling abroad, they realized the lack of information on the real 21st century Colombia. People from all over the world would want to pack their bags and visit the country; however, not finding any clear and reliable details was sufficient to stop them from doing so. Understanding this situation and the power of tourism in economic development, the founders set the goal to change the image Colombia has in the world.
EcoExperience connects ecological and sustainable tourists from all over the world with natural sites never promoted before. Towns and areas where you could not even think about traveling 20 years ago are now changed territories, where tourism has the potential to improve social and economic circumstances and foster the development of its population.


EcoExperience cares about the Colombian community and its economic and social development. We firmly believe in the power of technology as a connecting bridge between nature-friendly tourists and communities keen on improving their lifestyles through sustainable ecotourism. We want to show the world how beautiful and marvelous Colombia really is.


We will be the number one digital platform used by ecotourism lovers who wish to visit and experience Colombia, and we will foment the economic and social development of some of the most secluded and forgotten regions of the country.